12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit

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  • 12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit
  • 12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit
  • 12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit
  • 12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit
  • 12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit
  • 12 Inch Infinite Muzzle Brake Container/Redirect Kit
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Looking to protect your hearing and not be "that guy" whose sound and muzzle blast are going everywhere except the target? This effective, durable, and light-weight redirect kit is perfect for those who are looking for a non-NFA regulated suppressor-alternativeWith 12 inches of redirection power, this kit is noteably larger than any other similar products on the market! Now to be clear, we're NOT talking about sound reduction but rather sound REDIRECTION.Simply forwarding your sound effectively away from the shooter, this redirect sleeve is incredibly effective especially when paired with subsonic ammo. If subsonic isn't your thing, well at least throw as much sound forward as you can with this 12 inch sleeve. Do you and your range buddies a favor, add this to your favorite firearms (especially your subsonic loaded ones) and enjoy some of the friendliest firing short of needing NFA approval from Uncle Sam.

About the Container: Redirect sleeve by day and Cleaning Container by night, this handy container comes with one 3/4 Inch threaded end and one Closed cap. When redirecting your sound, simply remove the cap, attach to the adapter and muzzle brake, and throw your sound forward to your target. When bore cleaning, simply keep on or add the cap and allow your oils and gunk to drain easily into the closed container. 

Usage Note: This container has nothing on the inside and is not "readily convertible" thus making it non-suggestive of NFA purposes. With the cap removed this is a sound redirector vs a sound reducer. With your purchase of this product you understand and agree to comply with all applicable state and federal laws and that you understand and comply with the stated intent and design of this product: to redirect your sound or hold your excess cleaning deposits. 


PRO-TIP: Can't find subsonic boxes in your desired ammo size? Don't underestimate the power of a local loader, gunsmith, or friends who could make you some! 



Infinite Muzzle Brake

13/16-16 to 3/4 NPT Adapter

12 Inch Cleaning Container/Redirect Sleeve (Black Smooth)

Muzzle Brake Thread Protector

Crush Washer




Length - 12 inch

Muzzle Material - Black Oxide Steel

Adapter Material - Black Oxide Steel

Sleeve Material - Black Anodized Aluminum

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