Infinite Product Solutions FAQs

Infinite Product Solutions FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

At Infinite Product Solutions we understand that when it comes to gun barrel adapters and thread protectors there are a lot of choices. It can be a somewhat confusing. In this Infinite FAQs section we’ll answer the most common frequently asked questions we get asked about firearm thread protectors, barrel thread adapters, and other firearm accessories we carry.

Q – Can I have a barrel thread adapter custom made?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to custom make any type of barrel thread adapter you need. The custom manufacturing process generally takes about 2 weeks, but can be expedited if necessary. Just fill out the form on our Custom Work page and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours.

Q - Can I buy custom barrel thread adapters from suppressor manufacturers?

Not always. While some suppressor manufactures might have the means to customize their barrel thread adapters, most don’t. At Infinite Product Solutions, we can custom make exactly what you need. Ask us about custom barrel thread adapters, thread protectors, or any other type of gun barrel accessories like muzzle brake devices or fuel and oil filter accessories.

Q – Do I need a license to buy gun barrel accessories?

No, none of these items are NFA regulated. You do not need a license to purchase barrel thread adapters or any of the other types of gun barrel accessories we offer through this website.

Q – Can barrel thread adapters be mounted on pistols?

Yes, however, your pistol must have an extended threaded barrel to fit a thread adapter or an extended smooth barrel to fit a slip on adapter. If the factory didn’t provide a fitted, extended barrel, then you will have to replace the factory barrel with an extended barrel.

Q – Can the factory barrel of my pistol be threaded?

In cases where the slide of the pistol extends to the end of the barrel, the answer is no. In this case, you will need to replace the factory barrel with an extended threaded barrel.

Q – What type of solvents should I avoid when cleaning?

Do not use any water-based type of cleaners and avoid any solvent that may contain ammonia. The solvent brand we recommend most for cleaning is Gunzilla.

Q – How can I tell what barrel thread size I need?

To determine the barrel thread adapter size you need, check out our easy to use Barrel Thread Reference Guide.

Q – Do you have an online catalog?

Absolutely! You can see our full line of barrel thread adapters and barrel thread protector products in our online Catalog.

Q – What do your Combo Kits have in them?

We have a lot of loyal customers mainly because our barrel thread adapter products are well manufactured and very competitively priced. While most of our customers are looking for individual items, you can realize even better savings by buying one of our Ultimate Combo Kits. The combo kits will vary and may include muzzle brake kits, slip on filter kits, three stage kits, cleaning kits, bottle kits, or a number of other types of gun barrel accessories. For instance, check out the 14-piece Ultimate 1/2-28 RH Combo Kit!

Q – Do you sell silencers or suppressors?

No. We do not manufacture or sell any suppressors or devices intended to reduce the decibel report of a firearm. We do have certain muzzle brakes (Halestorm Muzzle Brake) and ‘redirect sleeves’ (13/16-16 Sound redirect sleeve) that are intended to make the shooting experience more comfortable for the shooter by sending much of the percussion forward, but without reducing the decibels.

Once you’ve obtained a registered suppressor or other muzzle device, we are more than happy to help you make it as useful as possible by vastly increasing the types of barrels that you can mount it to.

Q – Are firearm suppressors legal?

Yes and no. Owning and mounting a suppressor to your firearm with a barrel thread adapter is only legal if you have undergone the proper registration of your suppressor. Any device that reduces the decibels when discharging your firearm requires a tax stamp and certificate to be legally owned or mounted on firearms. You must be at least 21 years of age, have no felony convictions, and you must live in a state that allows ownership. You will also need to do the necessary paperwork through the ATF.  

Q. Why do I need to buy a barrel thread adapter?

The barrel sizes will vary between manufacturers, so a barrel thread adapter may be necessary for affixing different firearm accessories to your barrel. These adapters increase the utility of a single accessory, by allowing you to fit it on various barrels.

About Infinite Product Solutions

Infinite Product Solutions is based in California. We manufacture and sell barrel thread adapters, barrel thread protectors, gun cleaning kits and other firearm accessories. We can also custom make barrel thread adapters and thread protector products.

To learn more about our company, or if you still have any questions you need answered, please fill out our online contact us form, send us an email, or call our experts at 1-951-220-7948.

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