Who We Are

Welcome to Infinite Product Solutions, where the horizon of firearm enhancements stretches infinitely into every shooter's dreams. Founded on the principle of relentless innovation, uncompromising quality, and world-class customer support, we specialize in crafting end-of-barrel solutions designed to elevate your shooting experience to unprecedented levels.

Our product lineup falls under two large categories: Connection Solutions and performance Upgrades. Connection Solutions encompass a wide array of thread adapters, barrel extensions, and slip-ons engineered to bestow threading capabilities upon non-threaded barrels, ensuring a seamless connection for any accessory. Basically, we make sure you can attach your upgrade of choice to any firearm. Meanwhile, our Performance Upgrades boasts an arsenal of performance enhancers including brakes to tame recoil, compensators to counteract muzzle rise, flash hiders to diminish visual signature, and our flagship sound redirection system. How does that work? Our devices choke the sound down to a narrower channel and send it away from the shooter’s ears, narrowing the window of full sound out front. Because we haven’t dropped the sound everywhere, these aren’t suppressors, making them 50 state legal without needing a tax stamp.

In our quest for infinite adaptability, we pride ourselves on accommodating every barrel and thread type imaginable, with full support for international and American threads alike. Our expansive off-the-shelf inventory supports an extensive range of firearms, from mainstream models to the most niche, and our custom support fills in all the gaps.

This year marked a milestone for us at the SHOT show, where we brought the power of American ingenuity to the shotgun world, unveiling groundbreaking shotgun choke adapters. This innovation allows for the integration of sound, recoil, rise, and flash management solutions onto your cherished non-tactical shotguns (or let’s be honest, maybe just something to look awesome too). Whether you're gearing up for the hypothetical zombie duck apocalypse with a breacher brake or seeking shooter-side sound control on a turkey hunt with a blast can, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

At Infinite Product Solutions, we cater to a diverse clientele, from hunters seeking to preserve their hearing and improve their aim, to tactical enthusiasts focused on rapid fire control and minimizing their flash signature, to casual plinkers desiring a suppressor-like experience with subsonic ammunition. No matter your discipline, our commitment to excellence ensures that your needs aren't just met—they're exceeded.

Embark on your journey to firearm freedom and unparalleled shooting performance with Infinite Product Solutions. Because when it comes to enhancing your firearm, the possibilities are infinite.

Infinite Product Solutions
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