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Vendor Program



We at Infinite Product Solutions are proud to offer a growing vendor progam that offers exclusive pricing, product packages, and material to valuable customers. Sign in below (assuming your account is a vendor account) and check out our great offers! If you have any questions regarding your account or want to change an existing account to a vendor account, call us at 1-951-220-7948 or email us at info@infiniteproductsolutions.com!


"I enjoy working with Infinite Product Solutions. A company that stands behind their products 100%. Being a dealer for Infinite Product Solutions is as easy as it gets. Every dealer I have had dealings with has been very positive and we all work well together, helping each other when need be. All in all, a very positive experience."


- an actual Infinite Vendor. - 


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If you have not yet signed up for a vendor account, click the link below to get started!

  • Access to special products and offers
  • Discounted pricing on many popular products
  • A dedicated customer service team to help you succeed
  • Call 1-951-220-7948 for account activation today!*
*Requires a minimum first order of 50 pieces.

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