Henry Classic Lever Action H001 (.22) to 1/2-28

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  • Henry Classic Lever Action H001 (.22) to 1/2-28
  • Henry Classic Lever Action H001 (.22) to 1/2-28
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Introduce your Henry Lever Action .22 Rifle to a new level of customization with a slip-on adapter meticulously machined by Infinite. This standout accessory exemplifies the blend of American ingenuity with the practical functionality that sharpshooters demand. It's not merely an upgrade; it's a transformation of your shooting experience, characterized by unmatched precision and durability that American craftsmanship is renowned for.

Crafted from premium 17-4 H1150 stainless steel, this adapter showcases the strength and longevity inherent to CNC machining. The Nitrided finish adds a layer of sleek, aesthetic appeal and provides superior resistance to wear and corrosion, making it a testament to the adapter's robustness and lasting beauty.

A precisely machined groove at the base of the adapter and a groove at the top of the adapter ensures it accommodates the Henry Lever Action .22's loading tube and front sight flawlessly. This integration maintains the rifle's iconic functionality while extending its versatility, a direct reflection of Infinite's commitment to enhancing your firearm without compromising its heritage.

The installation process mirrors the innovative spirit that drives American ingenuity. Simply slide the adapter over the barrel and secure it to embark on a journey of accessory exploration. Achieving absolute precision is straightforward with the recommended use of a bore alignment rod, ensuring that every added accessory, from suppressors to muzzle brakes, aligns perfectly to enhance both accuracy and shooting pleasure.

For those who hold the heritage of their Henry Lever Action .22 Rifle in high regard yet seek to explore the vast potential of modern shooting accessories, Infinite's adapter opens the door to endless possibilities. It invites you to delve into the legacy of American shooting sports with a modern twist, transforming your Henry into a symbol of proud innovative spirit.

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