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​A Word from an NFA Attorney


My name is Roy Baker. I am a practicing attorney and a member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1999 (GA Bar #033889). Since 2012 I have drafted hundreds of NFA trust for my clients, and in that time I have become familiar with the National Firearms Act of 1934 and NFA items in general.

I wish to clarify the issue of legality concerning oil filter adapters, fuel filter adapters, bottle adapters and Maglite adapters manufactured and sold here at infiniteproductsolutions.com. These items, as manufactured, are not firearms and are not subject to regulation by the National Firearms Act of 1934. These items are not designed or manufactured to be used as sound suppressors and cannot be used as sound suppressors UNLESS THEY ARE MODIFIED BY THE PURCHASER WITH THE INTENT TO CREATE A SOUND SUPPRESSOR.

Anyone choosing to use these items to manufacture a sound suppressor must file a Form 1 with the BATFE to register it as an NFA item and pay the $200 making tax. One should also take care not to violate any state laws, as some states do not allow possession of NFA items.

Using these items to build a suppressor is no different, legally, than sawing a double barrel shotgun down to 10 inches barrel length. Before sawing the barrel one must file a Form 1 and receive a tax stamp for manufacturing a short barrel shotgun. Manufacturing a short barrel shotgun or a suppressor without filing a Form 1 and following the attending procedures is a crime in the same way using these adapters to build a suppressor without filing a Form 1 is a crime.

In summary, the adapters offered on this site are legal to own and use. If one decides to use these adapters to build a suppressor then one must comply with the National Firearms Act of 1934 and applicable state law.

This information shall not be construed as legal advice for any person, nor does it constitute formation of any attorney/client relationship. Information provided is a commentary intended to create better understanding of the law as it concerns adapters and sound suppressors.


Roy Baker, Attorney at Law


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